Welcome to the Business Naming Blog

welcome to the business naming blogWelcome to the Business Naming Blog

This is Business Namings first blog and an introduction to us and our goals as a business.

We are dedicated to bringing you, the reader, the very best tips for helping you develop the most effective and targeted business names.  Also, if you’re not going to develop your name yourself, what you should look for when buying a business name.

We’re open to any tips that you have and would like to share with our readers or even any suggestions for future blog which you would like to discuss.

Please don’t to post any business names that you really like so we can discuss why they work, business names which you think are bad so we can point out why they don’t work or even any business name ideas you’re working on, which you would like to review and discuss.

Sometimes you just want to bounce some business name ideas off us and we welcome that as well.

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